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Emma and Jims birth

A calm and positive induction using photos, candles, hypnobirthing tracks and great anchors like affirmations and the pebble

I thoroughly recommend Rachel’s hypnobirthing courses. She is incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and an all round lovely person. I enrolled with Rachel after feeling anxious about my second pregnancy following a difficult first labour. Rachel quickly helped us to park our previous pregnancy and learn to look at our second with fresh eyes. After the course I felt excited and positive to give birth and well equipped with relaxation/ breathing techniques to use in labour. These techniques and other ideas such as ways to create a calming atmosphere hugely shaped my labour (which ended up be induction led) and made not a very straight forward labour a truly positive experience. Thank you Rachel

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We found Rachel’s antenatal classes invaluable as we prepared for the birth of our first child. She created a really relaxed atmosphere and has a warm and friendly delivery style. Rachel’s passion for parenting and families shone through, and she was a hugely positive influence during that important time in our lives. The classes were packed with information that she explained in a clear and concise way, with plenty of questions and discussions. We would recommend Rachel to anyone wanting to learn more about pregnancy, birth and having a new baby.

Ruth in Harborne

I am not the type of person who would have thought that hypno-birthing techniques would work for me. I was very cynical and had already been swayed by friend’s negative birth stories. Myself and my husband attended Rachel’s classes as part of our preparations but I didn't imagine myself having the opportunity to use what she taught us. The morning my contractions started, I was assured by the hospital that I was safe to stay at home and it was best to delay hospital admission for as long as possible. I was determined to do this and at this point I realised the true value of Rachel’s classes.  My husband  was able to guide me through the techniques. I really do owe the techniques Rachel taught us to the fact the majority of my labour was at home in a calm and relaxed environment. I was fortunate that I didn't have a medically complex birth but I really do believe that Rachel’s techniques were very significant in my birth story.

Amy and Simon in Bearwood

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Katie and Nathan (Oldbury) 

My husband and I have just finished Rachel's hypnobirthing course and it was absolutely incredible. Rachel is so calming, knowledgeable and reassuring that it has actually made me excited to give birth! She listens and gives factual advise along with her own experiences which I found priceless. I cannot recommend Rachel enough to anyone considering hypnobirthing. Bring on the labour!

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